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Melinda Parbery

Each and every one of us has a unique story to tell. Whether we use words or imagery (or a combination of both) to express ourselves, it is the story itself that represents something truly individual. The story becomes a distinctive trademark. It defines us and the qualities we express. As a graphic artist and designer, I’m entirely dedicated to reflecting that story and conserving its individuality…


There are many ways to capture that unique story. It can be retold in the design of a logo, or emulated in a customised photographic display. A special event invitation can be designed with certain elements that perfectly capture a moment of joy and elation. A promotional design can be styled to reflect a positive and exciting vibe, while a personal gift can be created out of memories and images from the past or present and transformed into something truly spectacular and totally individual.


The philosophy behind Melinda Parbery Design is simple: create something beautiful - something that is totally unique and personal. It can be simple, or detailed, but it must be the trademark of a story.


My personal work reflects my own story. I’ve always had a passion for photography and art, and after studying graphic design I followed another passion - dressage. Now, after years in professional equestrian management and performance horse training I’ve been able to re-focus on my love of design, combining influences from both worlds to create some very special imagery.  


As a graphic designer in the Southern Highlands, you couldn’t hope for a more inspiring place to work from. Each season is as breathtaking as the next.


Our property (30 minutes from Bowral) still runs as a performance horse stable, and every day a new story begins with my husband Brett, son Jake, and our beloved horses, dogs and cat. I always look forward to capturing a bit of that story, as much as I enjoy creating a gorgeous backdrop for the stories of others.

Melinda Parbery
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